Benefits of using Airless Dispensers

For each LOPURA product, we carefully select a packaging that is suitable for its content and functionality. Here we explain why we have chosen a so-called “Airless Dispenser” for our LOPURA HYDRA SERUM and what benefits it has.

Standard soap or lotion dispenser pump

In the standard lotion pump, which has proven itself for cosmetic products, as you may also know from soap dispensers, a vacuum is created by pressing the pump, which is then pulled up again by a spring. As a result, the content is pulled upwards via a hose.
So that the vacuum does not cause the bottle to contract, connections are opened during pumping which cause air to flow into the container. However, this marginal information already hides the biggest disadvantage of this system. The oxygen in the incoming air has the property of reacting with other elements and can cause the formation of oxides within the product. This can affect the consistency or color of the contents. Most importantly, oxidation affects the shelf life and effectiveness of the cosmetic product’s ingredients when there is microbial contamination of the product by airborne bacteria, mold or fungal spores, and dust. Especially in cosmetics without preservatives, this can more quickly lead to spoilage of the valuable content.

The function of airless dispensers

But what is the difference between a normal lotion pump and an airless dispenser?
The biggest difference is that the special design of the airless dispenser means that no air can come into contact with the product. Hence the English word “airless”, meaning “without air”.
An airless dispenser consists of a pump head, the container and a piston. In this design, there is no hose that sucks the product up and leaves air in the product. Here, the air entering through the pumping process pushes the piston, which is located at the very bottom of the container at the beginning, upward by negative pressure via a piston bellows in the pump head. This transports the contents further and further upwards with each pump, like an elevator. The product from the container is sucked in further and further – escaping air cannot flow into the container with the product.

Benefits of using Airless Dispensers

Especially for us as a natural cosmetics brand, the use of airless dispensers offers major advantages.
Since we do not use preservatives, we can offer a longer shelf life and higher safety of our LOPURA HYDRA SERUM due to the airtight dispenser. Contact with the air and skin does not occur until removal, eliminating contamination by germs and discoloration by oxidation. The active ingredients of the LOPURA HYDRA SERUM are optimally preserved and can unfold their positive effects directly on the skin without any loss of quality.
In addition, the LOPURA HYDRA SERUM is in a double-walled airless dispenser. In this way, the ingredients remain even better protected from light and heat.
The pump dispenser of our LOPURA HYDRA SERUM responds very precisely and gently to pressure.
So you can dose very precisely how much or little content you want to take out and from any position – even upside down – because there is no tube installed that has to touch the product to pump it up. Furthermore, the airless dispenser ensures that the precious serum can be completely emptied by pressing up the inner piston with each pumping stroke. In this way, the contents are used optimally and no annoying product residues remain in the packaging that a hose could not touch.
Made in Germany, our airless dispenser is fully recyclable and is itself made from recycled polypropylene.

  • No discoloration or change in consistency or scent due to oxidation
  • No contamination due to the penetration of germs, fungi or dust
  • Better protection of the valuable ingredients
  • Longer shelf life of the product, no need to add preservatives
  • Better protection from heat and light
  • Precise and complete emptying of the product

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