Argan Oil – Use and benefits

The special feature of LOPURA Organic Argan oil is its versatility – one product serves it all…

Face and Body

LOPURA Organic Argan Oil supports and nourishes your skin by protecting it from Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) and thus increasing its degree of moisture. Deficits in the skin barrier are perfectly compensated, rough skin areas are repaired and disappear. Vitamin E and antioxidants nourish and protect the skin against free radicals. Omega fatty acids nourish the skin.
Directions: Apply a few drops of the oil to cleansed face/skin and massage in gently. You can also enhance your day or night cream by mixing a few drops of the oil with it before application. You can also use a few drops of the oil to make your foundation easier to apply and work it into your face even more flawlessly.
Result: Healthy, perfectly nourished and radiantly beautiful skin.


LOPURA Organic Argan Oil nourishes cracked and brittle lips and makes them soft and smooth again.
Directions: Apply 1-2 drops of argan oil to your lips and massage in gently.
Result: Smooth lips and a shiny finish.


LOPURA Organic Argan Oil repairs dry and brittle hair thanks to its omega fatty acids and vitamin E content. The hair structure is maintained and rebuilt, moisture is retained. Hair loss indicated by hair breakage is prevented.
Directions: Add the oil to dry hair before washing, let it work for approx. 30 minutes and then wash it as usual. Or massage a few drops into the still moist tips after washing.
Result: Healthy and shiny hair from the roots to the tips.


LOPURA Organic Argan Oil also cares for your eyelashes and can support their growth.
Directions: Apply the oil with a clean mascara brush (spoolie) or cotton swab to your cleaned eyelashes. TIP: Can also be used to remove waterproof mascara.
Result: Nourished and long eyelashes.


LOPURA Organic Argan Oil nourishes fragile nails and dry cuticles with its valuable nutrients. The nail structure is built up and nourished, the nail becomes stronger. This supports the growth of long nails.
Directions: Gently massage a few drops of the oil into your nails and cuticles.
Result: Strong and healthy nails on hands and feet, smooth cuticles.

DIY Cosmetics

LOPURA Organic Argan Oil is also perfectly suited as a basis for “Do It Yourself” cosmetics. Mix the oil with other oils or active ingredients and create your individual product.

LOPURA Skincare Story: Argan Oil – Production and processing

Source: Main picture: Unsplash/Katherine Hanlon. Picture: Unsplash/Chelsea Shapouri.

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